Handbag made from high quality oxford with water repellent material. Fashionpyramid
Pyramidkit can protect your contents from shocks. Fashionpyramid
Handbag  has back strap to carry your bag. Fashionpyramid
Pyramidkit  combines classic and modern shape. Fashionpyramid
Handbag has a high-quality, heavy-density leather handle. Fashionpyramid
Handbag  has a front pocket with an enchanted zipper. Fashionpyramid
Pyramidkit  organize your small contents inside one bag. Fashionpyramid
Handbag has two main pockets with High quality leather zippers. Fashionpyramid
an elegant and distinctive shape, and a larger storage capacity. Fashionpyramid

Pyramidkit - Handbag - Waterproof - Version2 - Gray & Black


  •  High quality oxford material.
  •  Foam lining to protect your contents from shocks.
  •  High quality strong leather zipper.
  • 2 main pockets with a front pocket with an enchanted zipper.
  •  A place to put a pen.
  • Leather handle made of high quality thick leather.
  • 14 H x 23 W x 9 D cm
  • High quality leather logo.

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    Ahmed Hesham
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