Beehive waist bag easy access to belongings without the need to carry a larger bag. Fashionpyramid
Beehive waist bag has AUX Output for headphones. Fashionpyramid
Lost and found Qrcode for bags made in egypt FashionPyramid
Beehive waist bag Strong front leather zipper. Fashionpyramid
Beehive waist bag has a single large compartment for easy access. Fashionpyramid
Beehive Waist bag can be worn around the waist or slung over the shoulder for added versatility. Fashionpyramid
Beehive waist bag with AUX port for travel and everyday use. Fashionpyramid

Beehive waist bag with AUX port- SafeCode- Navy

The Beehive Waist Bag is an ideal accessory for individuals leading busy lifestyles. To ensure the safety of your personal belongings, it is imperative to choose a bag that is not only comfortable and practical but also visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

Waist Bag specifications:

  • High-quality Oxford material.
  • The bag material is waterproof.
  • Aux output for listening to music.
  • Bag accessories are made of break-resistant Pom plastic.
  • The strap is expandable and adjustable to fit all sizes.
  • The waist bag is lined with an attractive Beehive pattern material.
  • Bag size: Length: 30 cm - Height: 16 cm - Depth: 9 cm .
  • Capacity: 3 liter .
  • Inner material in black color made of microfiber.
Number of bag pockets:
Waist bag comes with 4 pockets to easily carry all your belongings.
  • A large main pocket that can hold a lot.
  • A front pocket for quick access to your mobile phone.
  • A special inner pocket for important items.
  • A back pocket for money or keys.

Additional bag features:

We provide a unique feature called "SafeCode" with every Fashion Pyramid bag, so you can retrieve your lost or misplaced bag. It is a medal with a QR code that contains all your personal information, so if the bag is lost, it can be returned to you.

For more information about the feature and registration process, please watch this video, Click Here .

Bag usage:

The bag is multi-purpose and suitable for both genders. Its main uses are:

  1. Daily commuting to work or Universtay .
  2. Travel and trips as it is suitable for keeping your personal belongings safe.
  3. Suitable for motorcycle riders.
  4. Other multiple uses.


  • There is a bag inspection before delivery, and if you do not receive it, you will not pay any fees.
  • There is a 14-day replacement and return warranty from the date of receipt, subject to terms and conditions.

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    Beehive waist bag with AUX port- SafeCode- Navy