Anti-theft Business Backpack  is a multifunctional backpack designed to keep your belongings safe. Fashionpyramid
Business Backpack has a hidden zipper that makes it difficult for anyone to access the contents.Fashionpyramid
Business Backpack  is made of high-quality materials that are both durable and water-resistant. Fashionpyramid
Anti-theft Business Backpack designed in a unique style with artistic touches. Fashionpyramid
Backpack has shoulder straps and a padded back panel for added comfort during long periods of use. Fashionpyramid
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Backpack has USB charging port that allows you to charge your phone or other devices. Fashionpyramid
 Backpack is perfect for anyone who needs to carry their laptop and other essentials on a daily basis. Fashionpyramid
The backpack has multiple compartments and pockets that make it easy to organize your belongings. Fashionpyramid
 Backpack  with strong, high-density material with a water-repellent treatment layer. Fashionpyramid
 Business Backpack is a practical bag for a laptop and business at the same time. Fashionpyramid
 Anti-theft Backpack for laptop and other essentials stay protected from the elements. Fashionpyramid
Simply connect your device to the USB port and you can charge it without having to take it out of the backpack. Fashionpyramid

شنطة الظهر البيزنس 3 في 1 مضادة للسرقة مع مخرج USB ومكان للابتوب مقاس 17 بوصة - اسود

1,600.00LE 1,298.00LE وفر 19%
مواصفات الشنطه:
  • خامه قوية وعالية الكثافة بطبقة معالجة مقاومة للماء.
  • منفذ USB لشحن الموبايل.
  • مقعد مبطن مضاد للصدمات لأجهزة اللابتوب مقاس 17 بوصة.
  • أبعاد الشنطة : 44 × 33 × 13 سم.
  •  جيب شبكي داخلي عالي الجودة.
  • مزود بحزام قوي لحمل الحقيبة على الكتف
  • الحقيبة مبطنة بالكامل ضد الصدمات.

اشترى المنتجين سويا واستفيد بالخصم !

السعر الكلي:2,060.00 1,658.00